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Ribbon printers frequently asked questions and answers

Posted on:2018-12-11 13:15:38

Contact coder includes ribbon printer, ink coder and thermal transfer coder. More and more contact printers are widely used in the packaging of products. Compared with the printers with strong functions but high prices, high consumables and high maintenance costs, contact printers with moderate price and good quality are more popular among SMEs. The ribbon code printer is a relatively common contact type code printer, but the ribbon code printer may also have some problems in the process of use, resulting in malfunction, affecting the packaging production of the product.

So what are the problems that are more likely to occur with ribbon printers? In this German packaging, it summarizes the common problems of ribbon printers, and puts forward corresponding suggestions. I hope to provide some reference for consumers who need help.

1, the ribbon runs off. The problem is that the pinch roller and the pulley are not parallel, or the guides of the printer are not parallel. Need to adjust the corresponding parts or take repairs.

2. There is no word when printing. The reason is usually that the heating block is not warmed or the ribbon is reversed.

3, the font can be printed when printing. However, the phenomenon of blurring or even empty core appears on the edge of the glyph because the pressure of the printer is too heavy or the temperature is too high. The solution is to adjust the temperature and pressure of the printer at the same time.

4. The ribbon is broken during printing. The reason is that the characters are not arranged neatly or the temperature is too high, and adjustments need to be made according to the situation.

5, sometimes found that the current print content is wrong or other circumstances, you need to cancel the ongoing print job, this operation can be completed at the system prompt.

Of course, in order to reduce or avoid the troubles caused by the problem of the ribbon printer, consumers should choose a better quality and more thoughtful code printer brand (Deyi packaging).

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