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Unreplaceable equipment in the packaging industry - coding machine

Posted on:2018-12-11 13:16:59

Entering the commodity market, we are greeted by the prosperity of the road. The diversified development of the commodity market shows us the prosperous appearance. The prosperity of the commodity market is mainly created by the packaging of goods, because each commodity has its own unique packaging that conforms to its identity, and packaging is one of the components of the commodity. The first thing we pay attention to for the goods we buy is the shelf life of the goods, especially the food products, because once the goods are used beyond the shelf life, it will cause some harm to us. Just like everyone has a date of birth, most of the goods in the supermarket also have their own "birthday". Yesterday, when I visited the supermarket, I found that there are many ways to label the “birthday” of food: some are ink coding, some are stamped, some are ribbons, and some are attached with product information on the outer packaging. Therefore, the role of the coding machine is highlighted at this time. The coding machine is the key to the development of the commodity market and the maintenance of commodity order. With the diversification of the commodity market, the needs of customers are also changing according to the changes of commodities. The coding machine should develop a better service market according to the changes of the market.

Shelf life refers to the quality guarantee period of the product under normal conditions. The shelf life of the product is provided by the producer and marked on the product used for a limited time. The producer uses the coding machine when marking the shelf life. The coding machine is an important packaging machine for the packaging of goods. The product information marked by the coding machine allows the customer to understand the goods more intuitively, and can also add goods to the market. A security guarantee. The most stringent quality of life in our lives is the food industry, because the food industry is related to our health interests. However, some unscrupulous traders have applied the coding machine to the sinister slogan, and have changed the shelf life of the expired products to the satisfaction of the audio-visual. For better service market, the coding machine should calmly respond to the diversified development of the market and promote the comprehensive development of the coding machine to combat the occurrence of illegal activities. Since 2003, the food industry has been placed under the administration of the State Food and Drug Administration. At present, food packaging printing generally only has a single row or double row; the future trend should be the same as pharmaceutical packaging, three rows of printing, which can better protect consumers.

Compared with the printer, the coding machine has less investment, only one tenth of the price of the printer. The cost of consumption is low, only one-fifth of the ink of the printer. Therefore, there is an irreplaceable leadership position in the printing of cartons and labels. But in bottle printing, you can't replace the printer. The printer still dominates the mass-produced bottle printing. The ink printer will occupy a small-scale, low-volume, bottled printing market. At present, other types of printers in China and Thailand include: continuous self-adhesive labeling machines, packaging machines, and other coding machines, which still have an irreplaceable role in the field of special coding requirements.

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