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Learn more about ribbon printers and maintenance knowledge

Posted on:2018-12-11 13:18:07

The ribbon code printer is also a commonly used equipment in the packaging industry. Therefore, its current market demand is still relatively large. So, do you know some basic common sense for the coding machine? Below I will introduce some relevant information for you.

The code printer is a non-contact inkjet marking system controlled by a single chip microcomputer. By controlling the internal gear pump or supplying compressed gas from outside the machine, a certain pressure is applied to the ink in the system, so that the ink is ejected through a nozzle of several tens of micrometers, and is respectively placed on different surfaces of the product to form various characters, patterns, etc. Logo. So today I am introducing the ribbon coding machine for everyone, which belongs to one of the coding machine equipment, but it is basically the same in terms of technical principle. Among them, the main types of coding machines on the market include ribbon coding machines, pneumatic coding machines, ink wheel coding machines, etc., all of which have their own differences and functions.

In particular, when the ribbon printer is in use, the following conditions may occur. The code machine does not work: At this time, we can check whether the switch is turned on, check whether the fuse is burnt out, whether the power supply is normal, whether the air intake and air pipe wiring are normal, etc. This situation is generally not a big problem. I believe that after the inspection, it will be able to solve. The ribbon printer can't print out the font: At this time, we can adjust the printing temperature, printing pressure, etc., check whether the ribbon is installed incorrectly, and whether the spacing of the tape is too small. The writing is too light: it is also necessary to adjust the printing temperature, increase the printing pressure and the intake pressure.

The above is the maintenance knowledge related to some ribbon printers, I hope to help everyone.

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