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2018 Chicago Packaging Show

Posted on:2018-12-11 13:19:34

2018 Chicago Packaging Show

Exhibition date: October 14, 2018 - October 17, 2018

Venue: United States Chicago

The American International Packaging Exhibition is hosted by PMMI American Packaging Machinery Manufacturing Association. It is held annually in Chicago and Las Vegas. It has grown into the largest packaging exhibition in North America since its first successful launch in 1995. It is a very influential professional exhibition in the international packaging exhibition.

The United States is the most developed country in the world. It has a sound macroeconomic regulation and control system, and its gross domestic product and foreign trade volume rank first in the world. Americans have a multi-scale and diversified demand for food consumption. In terms of food packaging, they also propose new and diverse requirements, such as low cost, environmental health, and simple diversification.

The United States is now the only superpower in the world. Whether economically or militarily, the US economy is relatively stable. I believe that the US economic stimulus plan will make the US economy more stable and more dynamic, and still maintain a strong momentum to maintain the economy. Dominance.

According to the statistics of the US Department of Commerce, from January to October 2013, the import and export volume of US goods was US$3,207.56 billion, an increase of 0.6% over the same period of the previous year (the same below). Among them, exports were 1,311.19 billion US dollars, up 2.1%; imports were 1,896.36 billion US dollars, down 0.4%. The trade deficit was 585.17 billion US dollars, down 5.5%. From January to October, the bilateral import and export volume of US and China was US$458.52 billion, an increase of 4.0%. As of October, China is the second largest trading partner, the third largest export market and the largest source of imports for the United States.

The United States' largest trading partners are Canada, China, Mexico, and Japan. It has about $1.1 billion worth of products every day. The US economy is highly developed, and the currencies of many countries around the world are pegged to the US dollar. At present, the fastest growing production of packaging equipment is in developing countries and regions. Developed countries will benefit from stimulating domestic demand and find suitable local manufacturers in developing countries, especially in food processing plants, to provide packaging machinery and equipment. If we say that Chinese-made machinery can't compete with German, Italian and Japanese products on equipment such as labeling machines and cartoning machines, it can meet the requirements of the US market in some products with low technical content, and most It is possible to make breakthrough progress in the short term. Especially for some general-purpose packaging equipment, such as heat shrink packaging machines, wrapping machines, etc., the cost of products made in China is less than half that of American products. It has very strong competitiveness, and the low price is the best for Chinese packaging machinery to enter the US market. Knocking on the door. In fact, there are already some US companies doing OEM production in China, and some of the products produced are exported to the US market.

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