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What should I do if the vacuum pump of the vacuum packaging machine does not work?

Posted on:2018-12-11 13:20:37

The vacuum pump plays a decisive role in the whole vacuum packaging machine. What should we solve if there is a problem with the vacuum pump?

Vacuum packaging machine vacuum pump does not work or there is serious noise for the following reasons:

1, there may be problems with the power supply, perhaps the lack of phase, the fuse is broken, the solution: check the power cord to see if it is good, or replace the fuse.

2, vacuum pump reverse, solution: power commutation.

3. Check if the line is in good contact with the power supply. If it is bad, the operator should adjust or replace it.

4, ISJ normally closed contacts to see if it is bad, the solution: If it is, then adjust or renew.

5, the vacuum pump overtime movement does not stop, the reason is that ISJ may not work, the solution: timely maintenance or replacement

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