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Influencing Elements of Vacuum Packaging Machine Price

Posted on:2018-12-11 13:25:37

The price of the active vacuum sealing machine is a question that customers who want to buy food vacuum packaging machine want to know. The prices of food vacuum packers are quite different. The prices of small vacuum packers are about 3,000 or 4,000, while those of slightly larger ones are about 6,000 or 7,000. The larger ones demand tens of thousands of yuan or even hundreds of thousands of yuan. The type of vacuum machine and the number of vacuum pumps may affect the price of food vacuum packaging machine.

Different types of food vacuum packers have different prices. So what's the difference in the first place? For example, an external vacuum packer. This vacuum machine can be divided into horizontal and vertical pumping. The prices of these two types are different. For a scale vacuum machine, horizontal pumping is more expensive than straight pumping. The larger the general number, the larger the scale of representation, that is, the larger the volume used, the higher the price.

Moreover, different equipment and different prices. The first is the selection of vacuum pumps. Relatively speaking, domestic pumps are cheaper than imported pumps, but not all of them. Imported pumps in places like Vietnam are cheaper than those made in our country. The domestic pumps, joint venture pumps and German imported pumps are the first choice for Qingdao Mag. The prices are higher in turn, and the prices are very different. Generally, the price of domestic pumps is around 700 yuan, and that of joint-venture pumps ranges from 3500 to 5000 yuan, while that of imported pumps from Germany is about 13,000 yuan. So about choosing different vacuum pumps, the price varies greatly.

Regarding which type of machine and equipment to choose, the demand depends on the customer's product demand and work efficiency of the demand, but not the higher the price, the better. We should get used to our production demand. If we don't use much, then we can choose small, domestic pumps to satisfy the customer's requirements, there is no need to pay high prices for high equipment.

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